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This program provides relief from care giving to families who have a person with a disability living with them at home. Horizon House provides trained respite providers to come into the family home, at times and dates convenient to the family. This enables the family to obtain services and relief when it is needed the most. This service is also referred to as Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional or Service

Who is Eligible?

The Voucher Respite program provides funding for planned or emergency care to an individual with an Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) in order to provide temporary relief to families or     other persons who are the primary caregiver of an individual with I/DD. Families of persons with a developmental disability who live at home in LaSalle, Bureau, Marshall or Putnam Counties are eligible for Respite Services. The individual receiving services must live in LaSalle, Bureau, Marshall or Putnam Counties and have I/DD. There is no age restriction on who can receive this service.

What is the cost?

Respite is funded through a grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services. The service is free if you meet the eligibility requirements. The level of service you are eligible for will be based on your unique needs. 

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