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Community & in-home supports

Other services Horizone House offers. 

Service Planning & Advocacy

Each person receiving support services is assigned a Team Leader to assist individuals and families in creating a person-centered support plan, access needed services, maintain benefits and assist in advocacy efforts. 
Team leaders are responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the service plan and for ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the individual. Case management services such as documentation of progress and assistance in securing all government benefits that will help the individuals enhance his or her self-sufficiency will also be provided. 

This service referred to as Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional or Service Facilitator in some DHS-funded programs.

Home Based Services

  • Home Based Services (HBS) are available to eligible individuals (ages three (3) to adult) and their families can receive services and supports in the comfort of their family home or in the case of adults, a home of their own.  The HBS program provides a monthly allocation that can be used to purchase needed services that promote skill development and community integration such as: Personal Support Workers (PSW) either hired by you directly or through an agency
  • Community Day Services and Job Coaching
  • Self-Direction Assistance to help you coordinate and manage how HBS funding is used.

Personal Support Workers

A Personal Support Worker (PSW) is a staff member that can be hired to assist with specific tasks and/or activities based on personal preference and needs.

Persons with disabilities and/or families can make a specific request regarding what, when and how often a staff member works while Horizon House takes responsibility for training, scheduling and supervising the PSW.


Benefits Management/Self Direction Assistance: 

This service provides you with assistance to coordinate, manage, obtain, and maintain all services received and government benefits that you are eligible for.  Assistance to complete applications, benefit redeterminations, and any other documentation required by a government agency is offered.

This service may be included in some DHS funded programs or can be purchased as a stand alone. 

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