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Residential Services

We are committed to supporting persons with disabilities as
valued members of their community.


We Will:
-Provide supports in the most integrated settings possible
-Offer an array of supports and services to meet each person’s unique needs
-Honor the needs and preferences of each person.





Twenty-four (24) Hour
Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)

A small group of people live in a neighborhood home they can call their own and still have the staff supervision they need available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The emphasis in this program is to acquire skills necessary to live more independently. Assistance provided is tailored to meet each person’s needs and outlined in a plan of support that is designed by the person and their family/significant others.

Currently homes are located in LaSalle, Peru, Mendota, and Spring Valley, Illinois.

Intermittent CILA

People live by themselves, with roommates or with family members in the community and receive regular but limited supports (less than 24 hours per day).

Support is available based on each person’s unique needs and choices but most typically in areas related to budgeting, grocery shopping, home management, and medical appointments. The emphasis in this program is to learn and/or maintain skills that enable them to continue to live “on their own”

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