The Employment Exchange is a nonprofit resource designed to meet the personnel needs of businesses and corporations in the Illinois Valley. We have a qualified pool of candidates that are waiting to fill your HR needs.

In conjunction with other local agencies and services, The Employment Exchange will offer the following based on your unique personnel needs:

  • Information on hiring people with the capabilities to meet your needs
  • Linkage with quality local support services organizations
  • Guidance through the needs assessment and hiring process
  • Follow-up service to ensure success

Advantages and Services

There are a number of benefits to utilizing The Employment Exchange to meet your personnel needs. They include:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased efficiency through duty redistribution
  • Increased placement success through pre-screening and on-going support
  • Access to productive, dedicated, enthusiastic employees.

The Employment Exchange will provide the following services:

  • Help analyze your needs
  • Screen and match candidates to meet your needs
  • Suggest possible accommodations
  • Provide training assistance
  • Offer on-going consultation to managers and staff
  • Assist in employee promotion and if necessary, termination.